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A journey into Business Impact Analyses end Cloud Adoptation

AANVANG: 19:00

During this session two executive master students of Antwerp Management School present the results of their research on the topics of “performing effective Business Impact Analysis” and “maximising business value from Cloud Adoption”. A detailed introduction on the two topics is provided below:

Building solid business continuity plans requires a relevant business impact analysis (BIA) as input. The dissertation investigated a way to perform the BIA reliably and tested the proposed approach. First, the DEMO enterprise ontology methodology gets insights into the organization’s business layer, information layer, and data layer in a scientifically proven way. Next, the SABSA security framework enriches this information with risks, control objectives, control measures, and enterprise resources. This approach was validated with three use cases and delivered excellent results. Feedback proves that the artifact produces the desired insights efficiently and can be an approach to produce BIA’s reliably and efficiently.

Cloud Adoption became a must-do for companies to stay relevant and competitive. Yet, many organizations don’t reap the expected benefits from their “Journey to the Cloud.” My research started from the main culprits inhibiting successful cloud adoption. And defined a methodology to maximise the Business Value derived from “the Cloud”. Using strategic thinking and planning while applying best practices from Enterprise Architecture and Benefits Management. One of the key findings is that Cloud Computing is most fruitful when companies use it as an enabling technology to innovate their Business Model. Let’s find out together what this really means!