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Square Table: Introducing Zero trust Readiness and Fitness: from strategy to operations

AANVANG: 19:00

Current status quo on Zero Trust: What are streams and how to separate the sense from the non-sense
Demystifying Zero Trust and to keep it simple (stupid)
How to deliver actionable insights for strategy and operations
How can I start and what to do? (Zero Trust Readiness & Fitness)

Speakers: Yuri Bobbert and Hao Dinh
In this “Zero Trust Insights” Hao Dinh from EY and Yuri Bobbert from ON2IT will share their insights on Zero Trust.

EY and ON2IT combined their collective approach for Zero Trust. Bobbert well present his extensive knowledge and research expertise on Zero Trust and practical implementations, Dinh will elaborate on how a practical approach can look like in order to gain quick wins to reduce cyber risks, increase resilience and reduce operation security costs.