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Square Table: Outsourcing Security Management: A framework to trust your choices

AANVANG: 19:00

The need for cyber security is increasing, while expertise and available resources are becoming more scarce. That puts outsourcing of security capabilities on the table as a prominent option. In this presentation, we will discuss the challenges of Outsourcing Security Management. The goal of this Square Table is to discuss practical insights on the key success factors to effectively outsource, while staying in control.

Speaker: Saskia de Cloe (Northwave)
As a Business security consultant at Northwave, Saskia uses her acquired skills daily within a variety of contexts related to Cyber Security. She understands the logic of technical security but also acquired the ISO27001 certification. Bridging between teams, the organization and customers is one of her key skills. In fact, understanding the organization and the related risks being in her opinion essential in the construction of any project.